Bajaj Rubber company Pvt. Ltd. The foundation of an esteemed trading house was laid by Late Shri Darshan Lal Bajaj in 1955, the goal of which was to serve quality chemicals from global well- known brands for rubber, paint, footwear, cosmetics, plastic, leather- cloth & powder coating industries.

BRCPL holds a well-known position among the top leaders in Chemical Trading. We are not only a supplier but an advanced and vibrant group,which believes in inculcating the demands as required by various industries. The best part is that all the elemental quality brands are available under one roof and reasonable prices and terms at any available time. All this is possible because of our competitive skills in sourcing the products directly from the global market.

Since our existence more then 60 years, BRCPL has established a phenominal growth both in the industry and market share, creating a niche for its varied customers. Presently we are operating in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, U.P., Himachal Pradesh and are planning to cover more states to provide our services at the best.

BRCPL in coalition with distinct group of top rated global companies is working towards building a communal trust and healthy relationship for a long term. By having a joint collaboration with top companies, we are able to acquire and provide varied types of quality chemicals at affordable prices to all along with technical support. Currently we are privileged to serve more than 700 loyal customers across various industries.

Being a high rated quality supplier, we have planned infrastructure comprising of ou r own godowns at strategic locations. We have adequate logistics to ensure the deliveries are made on time. This kind of outlay helps in maintaining an optimum level ofinventory even for our medium range customers.

Our focused attention and dedication to all areas has helped us in providing best quality products to our customers. In the global changing scenario we work towards providing user—friendly products as per market demand and ever changing needs of the customers.

Provision of best quality products and services are the major focus areas for us. Keeping our customers happy and contented by meeting their requirements, we strive to guzzle a preemptive approach taking care of their needs. Valued customers are treated as our associates rather than buyers. Best quality and reliable approach for the environment has made BRCPL as a major supplier in the market and this journey will stay continued by giving the best to the society, we stay in.